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Most Useful Google Apps for Android

Google Play Newsstand :
- Play Newsstand combines Play Magazines and Google Currents into a single app.
- Free and paid news, plus magazine subscriptions all in one place.
- Your Google Currents subscriptions will automatically transfer into Play Newsstand.
- Read Now surfaces the most interesting stuff. The more you read, the better it gets.
- Follow topic tags to discover related stories and new sources.
- New offline features minimise data and battery usage.

Google Maps:

- Skim through public transport directions to see upcoming steps and transfers in your route
- Add your home and work locations for at-a-glance commute information before you leave
- Explore new places, discover local favourites and navigate your world with Google Maps. Available on Android phones and tablets with a simple, easy-to-use design.
- Arrive where you need to go quickly with voice-guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation, or try public transport, cycling and walking directions
- Find the perfect spot for an…

Android KitKat OS

It may have had enough false starts to get disqualified, and it’s certainly been leaking all over the place, butGoogle’sAndroidupdate, version 4.4, or KitKat, has finally found its way out of the biscuit tin. We’re going to take a good look at KitKat right here and let you know what it brings to the table.

The status bar is now translucent and, along with the navigation buttons, it will melt away to give your content maximum screen space. Swipe the edge of the screen to bring it all back.The new phone app bumps your favorite contacts to the top, and features new search capabilities so you can find a person or business and call directly from the app. You’ll also find smarter caller ID that can potentially identify callers, even if they aren’t a listed contact.Lastly, KitKat has a deeper integration of Google services depending on how you use a phone. Google Now will be accessible via one swipe from the home sc…