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Amazon to battle apple ipad with tablet

 Amazon took the wraps off its much-anticipated Kindle Fire tablet, heating up the already spiced up tablet war. The iPad dazzles with its high-quality touchscreen, thin frame and its gorgeous interface. Meanwhile, Kindle Fire is more like the cheap date that doesn't have all the bells and whistles but that nevertheless impresses you with its integrated applications and services. 

               The Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet will be released on November 15 at $ 199 cheaper than the least expensive iPad 2. The tablet features a 7 inch full touch screen, dual core processer, android OS, and the company's new self branded Amazon Silk web browser which is faster than any other web browser. Comparing to Apple iPad, Kindle Fire lacks camera and 3G wireless connectivity. It is expected to pose serious competition to Apple's iPad due to its affordability and customizable apps. Here are some features in Kindle Fire which Apple lacks.

Kindle Fire Runs Flash:  The Kindle Fire wi…


The computer hackers can also be called as computer's papas. The two types of hacking- the black hat, the hackers who exploit the computer systems and get involved in cyber crimes (who are in news) and white hat are people who use their skills of hacking for good. These hackers' activities are now known be corporate event as they create a great turning point in the world of technology. 

1. Gary McKinnon:
USA declared him as the biggest military computer hacker ever. He whacked the security system of NASA and Pentagon. This made him one of the great black hat hacker celebrities and got his name into the hacker's community. The nerd is now facing 70 years of imprisonment and is deprived from accessing internet. He has illegally accessed 97 computers and has caused around $700,000 damage to the economy.

2. Robert Tappan Morris:
He is the creator of first internet worm ?Morris worm? he was a student at Cornell and from that where he started writing codes to create worms as 
he wan…

New Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8, Windows Azure SDK 1.5, Geo-Replication for Windows Azure Storage, and More

Today from the BUILD Conference in Anaheim, California, Server and Tools President, Satya Nadella outlined a changing world of application development, connected devices, and continuous services, and articulated how Microsoft’s investments in these areas will enable developers to create a wealth of new opportunities by leading this transformation. Nadella went on to highlight the opportunity for developers to build the next generation of applications by architecting new types of front-end client applications that are connected to back-end clouds using the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8, which was released today at BUILD.
     Details on the toolkit as well as other Windows Azure-related announcements Nadella made can be found below. Additional details on today’s announcements will be posted throughout the week, so check back often!
Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8
Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the Windows Azure Toolkits for Devices, consisting of assets for Windows Pho…