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Mobile Phones before SmartPhones(2007)

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The mobile phone made its foray into India 17 years ago. Two veteran politicians, the late Communist Party of India (Marxist) chief Jyoti Basu and the then Union Communications Minister Sukh Ram exchanged pleasantries in the first mobile call in the country.

·The first mobile phone was launched in India on August 1995. ·The first mobile phone company was Nokia. ·First Mobile service provider was Modi Groups in 1995 and started in Kolkata.

No matter how hard it is to believe but there were iconic mobile phones before the year 2007. Why is 2007 so special in the gadget world? Well that is because Apple launched its first iPhone. But there were some mobiles before the iPhone that won mass appreciation among the users.

Nokia 1100: Year of Release: 2003 This is the old phone from nokia but no phone can beat this track record.