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Is it possible to control over terrorism with New Technologies “Passports with Radio Tags”

A few years a go, the United States government required nearly all passports to have acomputer chipwith the passport holder’s personal information. This contains the name, nationality, gender, date of birth and place and a digitized photo of the passport holder. Allowing this to protect the cardholder and makes it more difficult for criminals to get away with tampering passports.         Like everything else, this brings up privacy issues. With these passports, this exposes people’s identity to strangers. The State Department made security precautions to prevent this from happening. TheRFID tags will use digital signaturesto prevent tampering, and only when it is within inches of anRFID readerwill the information be accessible. These passports have a “multilayered approach” which protects privacy to reduce people from stealing data. This metallic “anitskimming material” is located in the front cover and spine of the book and prevents it from being read in the distance. Howev…