Mobile Phones before SmartPhones(2007)

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The mobile phone made its foray into India 17 years ago. Two veteran politicians, the late Communist Party of India (Marxist) chief Jyoti Basu and the then Union Communications Minister Sukh Ram exchanged pleasantries in the first mobile call in the country.

·  The first mobile phone was launched in India on August 1995.
·  The first mobile phone company was Nokia.
·  First Mobile service provider was Modi Groups in 1995 and started in Kolkata.


No matter how hard it is to believe but there were iconic mobile phones before the year 2007. Why is 2007 so special in the gadget world? Well that is because Apple launched its first iPhone.
But there were some mobiles before the iPhone that won mass appreciation among the users.

Nokia 1100:
Year of Release: 2003
This is the old phone from nokia but no phone can beat this track record.

Nokia 6600
Year of Release: 2003

The pudgy phone from Nokia was designed to be the best business phone in the market. When it made its way into the markets it was the one of the most advanced phones that Nokia had launched.  It functioned on Symbian operating system and it also came with a VGA front facing camera which at its time was rare. The phone also has a slot for a microSD card that allowed the user to expand the memory.

Motorola Razr V3
Year of Release: 2004

Razr V3 which Motorola launched in the year 2004 popularized the phenomena of a flip phone. This concept caught on with the youngsters who found “flipping” the phone exciting. The sleek metallic body of the phone also appealed to the users. In the beginning Motorola marketed this phone as a fashion handset, but slowly they reduced the price and they found that by the year 2006 they sold over 50 million units of the phone and in its four year of existence they sold more than 130 million units.

Nokia E90 Communicator
Year of Release: 2007

Nokia E90 Communicator was the fifth generation member in the Nokia Communicator family. The phone came equipped with 3G connectivity. It was unveiled in  February 2007 at the 3GSM show which was held in Barcelona.  In the first half of 2007, the E90 Communicator was way above all its competitors till it meet the same fate as HTC Touch at the hands of Apple’s iPhone.  The phone functioned on Symbian operating system.

BlackBerry Pearl 8100
Year: of release:  2006

The Pearl from BlackBerry is no longer in the market as RIM discontinued the production of this smartphone. But at the time when it was released it created quite a flutter in the smartphone market. Pearl was the first handset from Research in Motion (RIM) to come with a camera and a media player. The last Pearl series to be manufactured by RIM was in May 2010 after which they did away with this series.

With the introduction of camera as well as the media player, RIM was trying to expand its customer base from businessmen to the normal person as well.

Sony Ericsson W600i
Year of Release: 2005
The shocking bright orange swivel phone did attract a lot of attention when it was released. This phone was also famous for its Walkman feature which was integrated with the device.  This was the beginning of Sony’s successful line of walkman phones. The phone also boasted of certain gaming features.

Nokia 3310
Year of Release: 2000
At one point this phone was the first phone for many people. This phone was sturdy and came with amazing battery life.  This phone looked after itself; even a fall couldn’t break its spirit. This phone is still going strong that many people haven’t stopped using it since the day they purchased it.

Sony Ericsson W810i
Year of Release: 2006

I fell hopelessly in love with it because of its stunning features despite its simple design. Take note: no need to buy an extra iPod for your music-on-the-move-with-style necessity. No need of extra camera. 


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