Google Glass - Designed for those who move


     Ø  Half-inch display
Ø  Camera (pictures & video)
Ø  Speaker & microphone
Ø  Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
Ø  Voice activated commands
Ø  Hands free
Ø  Live video chat
Ø  360 degree interactive view
Ø  Mobile maps

Price: Cost = $1,500 [Developer version]

Strava Run: 
Strava for Glass makes accessing your real time feedback even easier so you can stay in control of your run. Track your runs with GPS, analyze your performance, set new personal records and see how you stack up against friends.

Strava Cycle:

Strava for Glass makes it easy to track your rides, visualize your progress, and challenge your friends, all while keeping your hands on the handlebars.

Send a Message:

Whether you ski, snowboard, snowshoe or anything in between, it's never easy to keep track of your friends. With Glass, you can keep your mittens on and send messages hands free through SMS or Hangouts.


LynxFit is a personal fitness coach that helps keep you on track with your health goals. Subscribe to a workout challenge, track your activity, and receive real time coaching through Glass.

Google Play Music:

Need motivation to push it one more mile? Simply say "ok glass, listen to" to fire up your favorite tracks from Google Play Music.

Word Lens:

See the world in your language with Word Lens. From road signs to menus, Word Lens for Glass lets you translate printed words from one language to another, in real time.

Google Now:

Google Now makes travel easy by providing you with just the right information at the right time. From flights delays to hotel reservations and more, Google Now for Glass brings you the right information when you need it.

Take a Picture or Video:

Whether you're into relaxing by the beach or climbing mountains, Glass makes it easy to capture memories without taking you out of the moment.


Need to know how to ask a local for directions in Japanese? Wondering how tall the Eiffel Tower is? Glass lets you quickly and easily access Google Search without breaking your stride.


Share your adventures instantly to Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Path, and Twitter.

Field Trip:

Let Field Trip be your ultimate guide to local history, insider finds, design, architecture and more. Field Trip channels the best of hundreds of hyper-local experts and trendsetting publications to help reveal the hidden gems around you.


Discover new landmarks and find your way home during your next hike with this simple compass.

Make a Call / Send SMS:

Easily make calls and send messages through Glass, so you can keep in touch while on the go.


Stay on top of the headlines and scores with updates from the New York Times, CNN, Mashable, Thuuz and more.


Whether you love to cycle or run, Glass makes it easy to stay on course with turn-by-turn navigation.


GolfSight is a golf GPS rangefinder made specifically for Glass. It gives you accurate pin distance, course data, and scoring information, all without having to dig through your pockets.


Swingbyte for Glass provides the most natural, hands free way to improve your golf game. Get real time swing data, coaching and more, all without having to step away from the tee.

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