Exciting features of galaxy s3

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If there is any smartphone with can compete iPhone 4S on a global arena, then its Galaxy S III. As we all know the S III is fully loaded with unique hardware like quad-core processor, wireless charging and many more.

Price: Rs.38,000/-

Samsung Galaxy S III is the successor of the bestselling Galaxy S II smartphone. S III is a sleek and innovative smartphone that has the enhanced intelligence to make everyday life easier. Galaxy S III is powered by Quad-Core processor and runs on Android 4.0. It comes with wireless  charging capability and with a great look which makes it a real competitor for Apple iPhone 4S. The smartphone sports 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display which has 1280x720 pixel resolution and comes with a voice assistant application called S Voice to fight with Apple Siri technology.


Screen Shots: Taking screen shots in an Android smartphone is tricky, but Galaxy S III made it very easy to capture screen shots by just swiping your palm on the screen. There are two ways to capture screen shots in S III, first is the magic palm swipe. To use this feature you just have to activate motion sensor in settings. Once the motion sensor is enabled, you just simply swipe your palm from right to left across the screen and the screenshot will be captured and saved automatically.

The second option to capture is by Android traditional way; by holding the menu and power button together.

Shake to Make Call: Shake to make call is an amazing feature included in this smartphone. Just shake the phone to access dial pad immediately no matter what you were doing like browsing, playing games, enjoying videos or music.

Turn Over it Stop Ringing: It will be very embarrassing if your phone rings while attending a serious meeting and you starts searching around the mute button. Samsung has made an innovative feature in S III which rescues you from being embarrassed any more. You just need to turn over the phone to mute the ringtone or you can place your palm on the screen to turnoff the rung.

NFC S Beam service promises high-speed data transfers:  The inclusion of S Beam follows on from Android's core Beam technology, letting users share everything from contacts to movies and audio files using near field communication (NFC) technology.

The sharing process is done simply by placing two enabled devices back to back and waiting for the transfer to complete.
Though we didn't get a chance to fully try it during our hands on, Samsung claims the S3 can send 1GB movies in three minutes and 10MB music files in two seconds using S Beam.
If true, the feature beats the NFC transfer limit set on competitors such as RIM BlackBerry devices, making it incredibly useful for users looking to transfer large files quickly.

Double Tap Scrolling  :Scrolling a big list is just annoying, that too if you are reading a long page or scrolling through your contacts or emails. Instead of scrolling back up to top, you just double tap the phone’s top and the list or page will return to the top.

Double Tap for Images: For any Android smartphone double tapping on image will help to zoom that image and for view across the zoomed picture you have to slide the image which feels uncomfortable sometime. The interesting feature in the S3 is you just need to move the phone around to move across the picture.

Pop up play : The Pop up Play feature allows you to watch videos while doing other thing on S III. You can text, chat or email having the video window on top of things. To access the pop up play you just need to tap a pop up icon at the bottom right of the video play. Then a small video screen will appear on top continuing the video while you use other features on the phone. You can even move the pop up video anywhere on the screen.

Access Apps Without Unlocking the Screen: Paying nearly Rs 40,000/- to this smartphone, everyone wants to protect it with huge password and sometime unlocking it becomes a bit of effort when you want to quickly access an app. Samsung has made a very easy way to access apps like camera, message, dialer and the S-Voice just by swiping across the icon and it will directly launch the app.

Task Manager: To access the task manager immediately while using any app you just need to hold the home button and the task manager window will pop up on the screen with all running applications. To access the running app just tab on the app icon and you can close the running app by just hitting the end button next to every application in task manager window. Along with the running app it will also show how much RAM is being used.

Offline Browsing: Many browsing apps have this feature called offline browsing which saves the web page for further reading without connecting to internet. Samsung have implemented this feature to its one browser. To access the offline content, you first have to save the web page by hitting ‘save for offline reading’ from browser options. Then tap saved pages and it will pop up a list of saved web pages which you can access them without internet access.

Bespoke Phone Stand: This is one of the cutest features in the S III which provides the ability to treat your phone like a tablet. To use this you need the Genuine Samsung Mesh Vent Case. At the back of the case it has a knock where you can slide a coin into the slot and rest the phone on it.



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