Microsoft Launched Xbox[Gaming Revolution]

Microsoft has come up with a new interface for Xbox gamers with Kinect sensor. Kinect for Xbox changed the existing genre of video games. Games and entertainment came into live with Kinect. It brings live entertainment into action. Kinect is also known as motion- controller where the gamers can use their own gestures to play games.

Microsoft claims that it is “a new technological era in live TV in the home where the user becomes the remote control through voice and gesture control”, reports The Telegraph.

Microsoft will team up with 40 content providers to increase the quantity of live and on-demand content available on Xbox globally. Other partners include the BBC, Hulu Plus, Disney's online ESPN3 service, Ultimate Fighting Championship, YouTube and cable giant Comcast's Xfinity.

The interface is very much similar to Microsoft Corp’s forthcoming windows 8. It was first demonstrated by Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft.

With the new software, the users can control their televisions with voices like play or pause and also can ask Xbox to search for web content including films, music, games and TV shows. Xbox allows the users to search content with their voice using Bing. The users need to name it properly to make it work. For example, to watch a desired content, the users have to say “Xbox.Bing.the desired content” and the console will show the entire available link with that title. Xbox users can download the available interface from internet.

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