New Release JAVA 7

On July 7, 2011, Oracle hosted multiple events around the world to celebrate an important milestone—the release of Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 7. With contributions from Java users around the world, Java 7 is an affirmation of the vibrancy of the Java community and of Oracle’s ongoing commitment to the language and technology.

And now, Java 7 is available for download.

This important release is the result of nearly five years of industry-wide development. This process involved open reviews, weekly builds, and extensive collaboration—all between Oracle engineers and members of the worldwide Java community via the OpenJDK project. In fact, Java SE 7 Reference Implementation is based entirely on the OpenJDK open source code.

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Highlights of Technology Changes in Java SE 7
IO and New IO
Concurrency Utilities
Rich Internet Applications (RIA)/Deployment
Requesting and Customizing Applet Decoration in Dragg able Applets
Embedding JNLP File in Applet Tag
Deploying without Codebase
Handling Applet Initialization Status with Event Handlers
Java 2D
java.lang Package
Multithreaded Custom Class Loaders in Java SE 7
Java Programming Language
Binary Literals
Strings in switch Statements
The try-with-resources Statement
Catching Multiple Exception Types and Rethrowing Exceptions with Improved Type Checking
Underscores in Numeric Literals
Type Inference for Generic Instance Creation
Improved Compiler Warnings and Errors When Using Non-Reifiable Formal Parameters with Varargs Methods
Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
Java Virtual Machine Support for Non-Java Languages
Garbage-First Collector
Java HotSpot Virtual Machine Performance Enhancements

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Watch the Java 7 celebration Webcast replay from July 7, 2011.

Read the Java 7 press release.

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